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Owl birthday party - peach and chocolate brown color scheme

My little punkin pie turned ONE a few weeks ago.  Sigh.  And as you may or may not know, I am obsessed with owls, so I decided to do her birthday party in owls (and also because I'm sure she'll have an opinion about what she wants for her second birthday).  I do love me some pink, but once I found these adorable peach and brown owl plates, and matching cups and dessert plates, the color scheme was decided.   

At the bottom of this blog, I'm going to put links to most of the stuff I bought for the party, in case you want to find any of it.  If there's something I missed, please put it in the comments and I'll add it!

I made most of the decorations myself and would be happy to post directions here upon request for anything you're interested in making!  I did post directions below for the name banner pictured above in the top center of the collage.  Note: the cute owl banner pictured above in the top left corner I did NOT make, but got it from this very talented lady on Etsy.

And HUGE props to photographer, Erica Stephens who spent the day taking amazing pictures of the party!  She rocks!  The crappy pictures you see on this blog are ones that I took, and all the good ones she took!

I think my favorite parts of the decorations were the Chinese lanterns that I made into owls (I got the idea here),
the tissue paper topiaries (I copied the tree idea from here then added peach tissue paper roses and owls I bought at Michael's almost two years ago),
and the glittered name banner that I made using supplies entirely from Walmart.

I also thought the hand-made-by-me owl invitations turned out pretty cute...I got the idea here.

I made the peach, pink, and white tissue paper pompoms by using Martha Stewart's directions online here.

The owl picture frame below is a nice big size (21x21 inches square) and came from Kirkland's. I printed out the words WHOO LOVES EDEN? and added them inside the frame, then put pictures of the party guests holding her at various times over the past year.  Everyone loved being up on the wall of fame!

I also found adorable brown and white striped straws, which you can kinda see behind the punch bowl, and some brown and white polkadot cups (not pictured) that I pre-scooped the ice cream into on Etsy (see the links below).  

The peach layer cake was made by my sister-in-law, and she did such an amazing job, don't you think!  Her fillings are as amazing as her decorating, making her cakes absolutely delicious!  
The owl-shaped smash cake was made by The Cake Shop in Apple Vallley, CA.  I sent them a couple of pictures of kind of what I had in mind, and they came up with this design. It was super cute, but way too big for her to eat by herself, so she ended up eating one of their delicious chocolate cupcakes! 
A simple arrangement of grocery store peach roses and white snap dragons went on the punch table.  I wish I had bought the arrangement two days before the party because the roses just kept getting more beautiful as they opened up over the next week! 
The eating tables were covered with a cheapy peach plastic tablecloth, then I put a cute brown and white polka dot placemat at each chair, an owl chocolate sucker that I made myself using this candy mold, then I scattered little puched out owls that I bought at this shop on Etsy in the middle.  

The balloon holders/centerpieces were little owls I made myself out of baby cereal puff containers, oatmeal containers, and bread crumb containers. They had two owls on them, made of scrapbooking paper, and were filled with rocks and/or cans of soup.  We poked a hole in the center of the lid, shoved the balloon strings through the pre-made hole with a phillips head screwdriver, then tied a knot in the strings to keep the balloons in place.
I hung some of the paper owl lanterns inside, and some on the patio to decorate the place up.

In the front entryway, I hung a banner with a picture of my punkin taken each month of her first year, beginning the day she was born and the last one was taken on her actual first birthday, as the party was a few days later.  I just used scrapbook paper to make the bunting triangles and modified some owl clip art to make the month tags on the bottom.  

In the front entry way, we had owl name tags for everybody to wear and a journal with owls on the cover for everyone to write her a little birthday message in. We kept that journal and put it out at her 2nd birthday party too for people to write in again.

We also had a lawn sign and a door wreath, both of which I made just with some scrapbook paper and ribbon.
I had a peach dress with an owl on it custom made for her to wear during her party, and the lady who made it did such a great job!  

She also made briefs to go with it, and a cute headband.  Her prices were super reasonable and she used exactly the fabric and designs I wanted ($29.00 for all three, plus shipping!).  Here's her Etsy shop.

For the kids' gift bags, I decided to make them myself after seeing these super cute ones on Etsy that were a little beyond my budget (here).  I bought plain white bags from Michaels, then cut out scrapbooking paper to make the owls and adhered them with sticky scrapbooking squares.  Each bag was different, and I made 12 girl ones and 12 boy ones.  Inside each bag was a sheet of owl stickers (Amazon), a bottle of owl bubbles (Oriental Trading Co), a bouncy rubber ball, a package of 4 crayons (Target and Party City), and a lined notebook (dollar store).  The girls ones also got a colorful plastic bracelet (Walmart) and the boy ones got a car-shaped eraser (Dollar Store?).  The tags (which you can't see in the picture) I made in Photoshop for the bags say "Thanks for making my birthday a Hoot" and are attached with skinny dark brown hemp twine (Walmart).

Speaking of the kids, to entertain them, we bought a pinata shaped like an owl (I added some peach and brown to it because it was very orange).  And we also had a ball pit made from a blow-up swimming pool and 500 plastic balls (both from Walmart). 

I made the owl shaped decorations for the hard candy lollipops by simply printing out this owl clipart onto cardstock then punching around it with an award-shaped punch. I then hot glued two together at just the side edges then stuck the stick through.  The holder was made by covering a piece of white styrofoam with peach scrapbooking paper. Helpful hint: make a template in a Word file for where you want to punch the lollipop holes by placing evenly spaced "o"s.  Print it out, then lay it on top of where you want the holes to be, then use an awl to punch the holes.  Remember to leave enough space between each lollipop or the heads will bump into each other!   I wish I had left more room!

Here is a brief tutorial for making the glittered name banner:
Supplies needed:
-wax paper
-3 1/2 yards of 1 1/2 inch wide ribbon (not wired and not sheer)
-wooden letters of the child's name (find at Michael's or Walmart)
-prepainted wooden animal shapes, as many as there are letters in the child's name, plus on extra (I found these owls at Walmart
-a hot glue gun
-acrylic craft paint (I mixed together Plaid brand Summer Peach #2549, Nutmeg Brown #20521, and Berry Red #20525 to make my peach color)
-sponge-style paint brush
-glitter (I used ultra fine prisma glitter)
-Spray on adhesive glue
-2 clear push pins

1. Mix your paints together to get the desired color.
2. Lay down wax paper and paint the wooden letters, both front and back.
3. When letters are dry, spray the front of them with adhesive glue and apply glitter all over them, then shake off the excess.
4. Lay the ribbon out on your workspace, then lay out the letters and the animal cutouts evenly in the center of it, leaving at least 12 inches of ribbon left over on either side. Be sure to position the letters and animals so that the top of them is touching the ribbon.
5. Using the hot glue gun, pick up one letter or animal at a time and glue it securely to the ribbon, leaving the others there for spacing help.
6. Hang your banner using clear push pins.

Here's links to most of the stuff I bought (some of the links are also given above, but here they are again together in one place).

Owl lunch plates, owl dessert plates, brown cutlery, owl cups – Big Dot Of Happiness

Brown swiss dots placemats – Birthday

3-D Owl smash cake and 34 cupcakes – The Cake Shop, Apple Valley, CA, off HWY 18    

Brown with white polka dots cupcake wrappers – Dress my cupcake       

Coral and white polkadot cupcake wrappers - Designer Emma Cupcake Wrappers

White with white polka dots cupcake wrappers – Designer Emma Cupcake Wrappers

Brown plastic dessert forks – by Touch of Color

Peach luncheon napkins  in Peaches and Cream color by Touch of Color

Brown polka dot Dessert napkins –

Owl piñata with pull strings –

Notes about the pinata: The pull strings at the bottom didn't work - we ended up ripping it open with our fingers, so you'll probably just have to use a stick instead of the strings if you buy that kind of pinata.

Owl banner made of felt and fabric – whimsysweetwhimsy  (Etsy shop)

Brown and white striped straws and brown polka dot muffin sized cups (used for ice cream) – DimeStoreBuddy (Etsy shop) Straws - Baking cups

Owl nametags – By Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Owl chocolate pop molds - CK Products 3-Inch Owl Sucker Chocolate Mold

Owl stickers - by Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Peach plastic table cloths   54 x 108” – Factory Direct party

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